WRa500 is a Cartesian robot with three and four interpolated axes and work area of 500x500mm; it is extremely flexible and ensures high precision and repeatability of the operations.

The mechanical part consists of screw axes with linear and rugged ball bearing guides and the self-bearing structure is made of aluminium profiles.

Techical info

WRa500 is controlled by a groundbreaking motion control system called ALPHA by Alutec, which, combined with the new proprietor software ALPHA, guarantees reference performances and new functions, for both stand-alone operation and for the communication of the robot with external systems (CANopen , serial RS232 or with 16 general purpose input/Outputs), which are available even in the standard version.

The robot is programmed from the PC and subsequently controlled via the operator panel ALPHA CP, supplied with it, and can manage up to 100.000 points split-up into 255 work programs.

The user-friendly graphic interface, the possibility to import files in .dxf, Gerber or Excel format and the new SUB-PROGRAMS function allow you to fulfil extremely complex operations, very quickly.


As for the dispensing applications, the 3D interpolation, the continuous path function, the automatic calibration system and the high mechanical precision guarantee utmost execution quality.

WRa500 is supplied complete with safety guards and EC type-approvals.