Modular Yamaha Pick and place YSM product range

Modularity and flexibility is the key of the market today.

The products offers high productivity, adaptability to various components and superior production changeover ability based on its “1-head solution” concept to accommodate a wide range of component sizes—from super small chips to large components—with a single type of head.

In recent years, various products including household appliances, personal computers and mobile phones have become more compact, denser and gained greater functionality and diversity. Moreover, their lifecycles have become increasingly shorter. Consequently, the mounting process for the electronic components in these products has seen calls for higher speeds, but also the flexibility to efficiently accommodate wide variations in component types and quantity as well as handle mass production on the same production line.

Techical info

However, head replacement has caused a number of major issues including production downtime during replacement and investment loss from the need to purchase and store spare replacement heads. In addition, if there was even one large component that needed to be mounted on a PCB, the manufacturer could not use high-speed mounting for small components and would have to replace the head with a low-speed multi-head. This resulted in critical disadvantages such as losses in efficiency due to reduced throughput and/or bottlenecking.

To address this issue, Yamaha Motor has worked to optimize its “1-head solution,” to handle a wide range of component sizes from super small chips to large components with a single type of head.
To respond to the market’s need for even higher levels of performance, Yamaha Motor has developed the Z:LEX YSM20R as a high-end model of the Z:LEX Series, featuring even higher mounting speed, efficiency and functionality.


At the same time, in order to achieve both productivity and compatibility with a wide range of components as sizes have become extremely small and parts more diverse, manufacturers typically selected and swapped different mounting heads to suit the characteristics of the mounted components and production volume.

Instead Yamaha Motor has worked to optimize its “1-head solution” getting a winning results in terms of speed and flexybility.