More of 30 Years in the sales of Yamaha based solutions in industrial automation and specialized in the SMT production line field.

We offer from a single component to the entire SMT line from scratch.

Management of the contract, budget definition, with best relationships among the most important international suppliers, are the best way to help our Clients reaching their main goals in setting-up new production lines or upgrading the oldest ones.

Our clients spreads from small companies to biggest OEM groups, we are organised to serve all of them at top quality and top client satisfaction level.

We have also a network of affiliate financial service companies supporting our Clients to any request to finalise their buy out.


Our activity spreads from the quotation to the final delivery of the entire SMT production line.
When a new project starts all opportunities are evaluated and best technical and economical proposal is offered to the Client to full comply to the production target request.
Turn-key solutions are developed and also as integration of the existing one.
A preliminary analysis on field is performed by our qualifyed technicians.
We have a network of brands we trade to supply any component of a SMT production line, from ovens to laser marking units to consumables.
Any solutions is evaluated by our technical direction so this process will ensure that solutions we will offer will be the best ones and also will work as required.
More than 30 years of experience in this field developing custom machines and special lines are our best guarantee of success.
The KUBOMARK  production line in is a new add-on to get the product traceability by laser markers machines of latest generation.
The  new innovative equipments branded  are totally developed by Mancini Enterprise itself.


Our Team of expert technicians is available for support to any kind of request for your production line.

Our Team of certified engineers is available for complete installation on site.

Our Team can perform training courses on site or in the demo centres in local languages.

We can manage service contracts on the full range of our products.


We have available spares for the solutions we trade and also refurbished machines to “fit” into your budget.

We have also spare parts for systems not in current production and out from the official servicing limit time.

Our team can supply accessories like feeders, stick feeders and what you will need for any kind of application and also a good range of consumables used in the production and for maintenance.

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