YSi-SP High-speed 3D Solder Paste Inspection

Ultra-small chips, narrowly spaced electrodes, etc., are being utilized on a greater level in factories during the electronic component mounting process to meet the demands for miniaturization, higher density, higher functionality and diversification. Consequently, the quality of solder paste printing has grown more important to where it may even affect the quality of the entire mounting process.

A solder print inspection (SPI) machine detects faults in the solder print before components are mounted on the PCB, and relays inspection data back to the printer in real-time so that parameters and other settings can be adjusted to prevent printing errors before they are made.

Not only must SPI machines quickly and accurately inspect solder print, they must also coordinate well with the various other machines on the mounting line via machine-to-machine (M2M) technology to eliminate waste and improve production efficiency.

Techical info

The YSi-SP is Yamaha Motor’s first solder paste inspection (SPI) machine. It is used to inspect the printing quality (volume, height, area, misalignment) of solder paste after it has been printed onto PCBs.

The YSi-SP handles various high-speed and high-accuracy solder paste inspections with a single head, including high-precision inspections employing a Yamaha-exclusive algorithm combining 2D and 3D-based measurements, and image resolution switch-over utilizing super-high resolution technology.

Tapping into our expertise as a comprehensive manufacturer of a full lineup of surface mounting machinery, the YSi-SP can swiftly coordinate with other Yamaha machines, such as performing automatic setup changes, automatically adjusting solder misalignment, and automatically converting adhesive inspection data from the dispenser.



While offering Statistical Process Control (SPC) to perform a wide range of statistical processing, the YSi-SP can also be equipped with various optional features, including bonding inspection and foreign matter inspection.