High-end Hybrid AOI System “YSi-V”

The reliability of printed circuit boards (PCBs) is directly linked to the market value of the final product, and in the surface mounting industry where increasingly small components are being mounted with increasing density on today’s PCBs, manufacturers are seeking to ensure the reliability of the PCBs they produce by using automated inspection systems rather than depending on human inspection skills. These inspection systems must be capable of speedy and precise inspection of mounting precision and solder connections for quality control in the SMT production line.

Techical info

The new YSi-V has been developed as an in-line type AOI system with high-speed inspection performance compatible with use in dual-lane production and other forms of mass production lines, and with the reliability for detecting defective mounts with certainty and with an extremely low number of false defect reports.

Furthermore, the YSi-V offers new value for SMT production lines as it shares the same high-rigidity frames, control technology, image processing technology and SMT application concepts as our surfaces mounters, solder printers and inspection systems. As these products complement each other in use, the YSi-V fully employs the advantage of our position as a manufacturer of a full line of SMT equipment.


One example of this advantage is integration of the communications systems of the surface mounter and the inspection system to enable real-time feedback of inspection results, thereby minimizing the occurrence of defective products, increasing the overall performance of the production line, and achieving smoother operation.